Step-by-Step Guide on How to Setup Rank Math Instant Indexing


Your content can now rank better on search engines with the Rank Math Instant Indexing extension. Setting up this plugin helps you notify search engines like Bing and Google search immediately after you hit publish or update an existing article which index your website and its contents and as such, it will help your contents rank better and faster. With the guide we will be highlighting below, your website’s appearance on search engines will get better.

In this article, therefore, we will be running you through how you can index and rank your content through Rank Math Instant Indexing.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Setup Rank Math Instant Indexing

Setting up instant indexing will help you index and rank your content faster on search engines. Rank Math uses Google Search Indexing API to ensure that content on websites is submitted directly to the search engine making your content visible faster. This is especially great if you have a time-sensitive website like a live blog.

Setting up this instant indexing is not something you should play down because it could determine the popularity of your website content. Let’s run you through the process of setting up this plugin to help your contents rank better.

Step 1: Download the plugin

Setup Rank Math Instant Indexing

The very first thing you have to do is to download the Google Indexing API plugin by Rank Math. After downloading, you have to make sure you activate it too. Keep in mind you need to have submitted your site to the Google search console before commencing this exercise.

Step 2: Create an indexing API project

Launch the Google API console and create a new project on it.

Google Indexing APIs for Rank Math

You have to make sure you work with the email you used for the developer console that has your domain in the search console.

Step 3: Enable API for your project

The next thing to do will be to create a new indexing API project. Once you have done this, locate the continue tab and click on it.

Step 4: Create a service account

Once you have created the project, you will have to create a service account from the drop-down menu option. If prompted, you can select the project you have created by using the option just at the top corner of the page.

You have selected the project, right? Great. The next thing to do will be to select the create service account option in the create service account menu. You will be required to enter in a name and description for the project you have created. You’ve done that, right? Perfect.

You will have to select and copy the service account ID. The service account ID is that one that looks like an email address; you have to copy it because it could come in handy later.

Then, once you arrive on the next page, click on the create button that appears. Remember to bear in mind that you have to change the role of the owner.

Step 5: Add property owner

Launch the search console and then, try locating the settings tab. Once you are in, you have to look for the user management option too. Click on 3 dots and then select the manage the property tab. Again, select the property option.

Remember how we said that you will need the service ID and that you have to copy it, right? Exactly. You will be needing the service ID here. Once you have entered it, you will have to click on the option add as owner, and you are good.

Step 6: Create an API key

Again, navigate the service accounts page. On the right of the service account ID, did you notice any three dots? Great. Click on it and then, the option to create an API key will appear.

You will have to work with the default JSON format once it is prompted in the overlay and then, click on create. You will have to download the file that contains the API key. Not to worry though as it is not anything complicated. All you have to do is to select the create key button and then, you will be able to download the file.

Step 7: Configure the plugin

Once you have the API key, you have to insert it into the plugin settings. Once you have installed the plugin, access your WordPress admin area and look for the instant index settings. Then, paste the contents of the JSON file or just simply upload the file.

Then, you will have to select the post types where you will want the API indexing to ping Google to help crawl your website as soon as the post is published, updated, or deleted. Then, finally, save the changes.

If you have followed these steps hook line and sinker, you have just set up your Rank Math Indexing to help your contents rank faster. This plugin will increase your possibility of ranking better than the competition. It will help you rank your content better in SERP competition especially if your website has good SEO.

The Rank Math Instant Indexing is just great as it will also help your search results up-to-date. The plugin submits your content whenever you update it which means that your contents always stay updated on search engines helping you rank better.

Do we need an Instant indexing plugin when we have a Rank math plugin? And why?

Definitely. You must know that instant indexing is a different plugin by rank math. It does not come with any version of the rank math although it is free. To set it up, you will have to install it from the WP Repository.

What is Google Search Console API?

The google search console API is the API that works for search console control and the request of script execution. With the API credentials, this Google Search Console API will help you control your search console.

To use this Google Search Console API on other platforms, you can work with manual request execution or better still, use the search console indexing live feature. However, with Rank Math, you can simply use Instant Indexing as the search console API and it will help your indexing process become fast.

Is Rank Math Safe?

Rank Math is considered the Swiss Army Knife of WordPress SEO as it gives you complete control over your website’s SEO. Rank Math is safe to use because it is listed on WordPress and you can trust that plugins are thoroughly checked on WordPress before they list them on the repository.

The plugin also runs through strict security checks as it is audited by third-party security firms every three months. Rank Math is from an established development team from WordPress and they have been in the industry for eight years. So, they have been in the business of developing plugins and themes for a while and they have positive feedback from their customers.

The platform has risen in popularity over the years as it went from zero to over 900,000 active sites which is a huge number for a WordPress plugin. You can also decide to disable the features that you don’t want to prevent issues with bloating.


The Rank Math Instant Indexing is just what you need to help your website’s content rank better and faster with search engines. We have brought you up to speed with how you can set up this plugin. So, read through and go have better results for your website’s contents.


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