Top Free Online Courses with Certificates

COVID-19: Top Free Online Courses with Certificates in 2020

We are aware of the current global pandemic and different institutions, organizations and individuals are taking advantage of the crisis to provide social concerns to humanity. Donations and sponsorships coming from a different sector of the world to support the fight against COVID-19.

Likewise, online institutions into professional certifications understand the negative impact of this global lockdown on our economy as individuals and nations and therefore providing relief in different kinds and to support the stay at Home campaign to curb the spread of Coronavirus, many of these platforms offer free access to online courses with certificates.

It’s now time for everyone to utilize these free resources to advance themselves while getting ready to break the lockdown stronger and more skilful.

Therefore, we’ve curated more than hundreds of free online courses across platforms and industries to support your stay at home and add more value to yourself or gain new skills that will expose you to a better career path.

As the World has gone digital, it’s more considerable you educate yourself with other Digital Skills that will make you stand out in your industry and create more job opportunities to you. Also, college and high school students can also take advantage of these courses to continue learning on what crisis have restricted them from learning in campuses. Business owners, staffs and leaders can also take advantage of this opportunity.

Hot In-Demand Jobs for the Next 10 Years that Needs Digital Skills

According to MichaelPage, countries in Asia, Europe, South America, North America, Oceania and others, there is hot demand for jobs that require digital skills. Such includes Software Engineers and Developers and Monster also mentioned that Creative jobs such as Digital Marketing, Web Development are highly in demands. And here we’ve also curated a top 10 in-demand digital skills for you to use as a template to choose what to learn during the pandemic and prepare yourself ahead of the callback.

  1. Cybersecurity engineer
  2. AI/Machine Learning
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Sales Executives
  5. Fullstack Developer
  6. Python Developers
  7. Java Developers
  8. JavaScripts Developers
  9. Cloud Engineers
  10. DevOps engineer

[bctt tweet=”According to MichaelPage, countries in Asia, Europe, South America, North America, Oceania and others, here are hot demand for jobs that require digital skills.” username=”sendfixdigital”]

Top Free Online Courses with Certificates in 2020

1. Learn New Language (Chinese, French, Spanish)

Learn Chinese language for Beginners

Learning a new language goes with a lot of advantage in any career paths and the joy of learning it is endless. Luckily, Coursera is offering a free Chinese Language course for beginners and below is the link to access it.

Chinese ==>

French ==>

Access More Language courses here ==>

[bctt tweet=”Learning a new language goes with a lot of advantage in any career paths and the joy of learning it is endless.” username=”sendfixdigital”]

2. Pluralsight 7000+ Video Courses

Pluralsight offers a wide range of professional training ranging from courses in programming, Development, machine learning, and cybersecurity. Normally, subscription costs $29 per month but with April stay at home campaign you have 100% free access to learn anything. This offer is only applicable to new accounts that sign up within April 1st and 30th 2020. Follow the link below to sign up a new account


3. Introduction to Personal Branding – How to Position Yourself


4. Personal & Family Financial Planning


5. Machine Learning for Business Professionals


6. Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals for AWS Professionals


7. Cloud Computing Basics (Cloud 101)


8. Getting Started With Machine Learning


Access to All other Computer Science Courses ==>

9. Fashion As Design


10. Getting Started With Music Theory


11. Build Your First Android App (Project-Centered Course)


12. The Strategy of Content Marketing


For More info on how to access free online courses offered via Coursera during the global pandemic of COVID-19 Click Here.

Other Platforms offering Free courses during Coronavirus Pandemic

Not just Coursera and Pluralsights that are offering free courses amidst Coronavirus Pandemic but other platforms are also offering such help to ease your stay at home journey and here’s a bunch of them and how to access them.


Udemy is one of the world largest online professional training platform with more than 50 million students and over 250 million courses enrollments and there are currently offering free courses to ease your stay at home period. Access over 700+ free courses usually cost around $10-$199.


Skillshare is offering 2 months of free access to their library of courses from authors around the world including premium courses. This usually costs $15 per month. Note that it requires your credit card information or PayPal, so, remember to cancel before the end of 2 months. Start Here.

3. IBM

100+ Free IBM Training Courses: Includes courses about IBM’s Cloud and Watson platforms, and professional development in general. Requires simple sign-up.


Free Oracle Cloud and Databases Training & Certifications: Offers 50+ hours worth of educational material and 6 certification exams for Oracle’s cloud infrastructure and autonomous databases. Most of these certifications normally cost $245. Requires simple sign-up. Valid until May 15. Start Here


15 Free Tech Short Online Courses: Includes hands-on courses covering notably Python, JavaScript, and SQL. A subscription normally costs $10 per month. Requires simple sign-up. Valid until April 30. ==>


Free Full Platform Access: Offers 100+ hours worth of educational content to learn SQL. A subscription normally costs $39 per month. Requires simple sign-up. Valid until April 20.

For more information on how to access free online courses, Click Here

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